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Hands off London’s history, Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has been accused of virtue signalling and inflaming tensions in London by starting debate on the future of the nation’s landmarks.

The Mayor plans on reviewing and removing statues, plaques and street names in London which commemorate individuals with questionable legacies. His announcement follows protesters tearing down a statue of philanthropist and Member of Parliament Edward Colston in Bristol on Sunday because he was a slave-trader.

Monuments were also targeted in London during the weekend’s protests, including The Cenotaph, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln all of which were vandalised.

Tony Devenish AM has accused the Mayor of starting a divisive debate to distract from the Mayor’s failure to keep Londoners safe during the coronavirus crisis. Tony Devenish, Conservative London Assembly Member, commented: “Sadiq Khan failed to protect monuments to this nation’s heroes this weekend, and now we know why. The Mayor has no interest in preserving either London or the UK’s history. “As the nation’s capital, London is the rightful home to monuments commemorating individuals for their pivotal role in this country’s history and remembering those who sacrificed their lives to defend our freedom. It is not right for Sadiq Khan to review national monuments or rewrite this country’s history.

“The outcry after The Cenotaph and Winston Churchill’s statue were vandalised by protesters makes it clear how important these monuments are to this country and our city. Instead of protecting them,  the Mayor has declared open season on London’s monuments by calling for a review. It’s a clear signal from Sadiq Khan to violent protesters that they will not be punished for desecrating monuments they dislike. “This is clearly an attempt by Sadiq Khan to start a divisive debate to distract from his failures as Mayor. He is responsible for keeping Londoners safe and moving, not for reviewing London’s monuments. “Instead of virtue signalling, Sadiq Khan should focus on his job. He can start by fixing the mess he made of Transport for London’s finances and getting our city’s transport network moving safely again.”


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