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Khan’s boundary charge could land half of Met force with £800-a-year bill

City Hall Tories warned Sadiq Khan today that his plan to charge drivers up to £5.50 a day to enter Greater London could hurt the one in two police officers who live outside the capital.

According to information obtained by the GLA Conservatives, 51% of the Metropolitan Police’s officers and 77% of the force’s sergeants live outside Greater London. Of those who drive into the capital for work, Sadiq Khan’s proposed boundary charge could cost officers around £808.50 a year. And those with more polluting cars could see an even higher bill of up to £1270.50 a year.

London-wide Assembly Member Susan Hall warned the Mayor that public transport isn’t an option for some police officers who live outside Greater London.

Under Transport for London’s detailed proposals for Khan’s proposed boundary charge, drivers would be charged £3.50 a day to enter Greater London with an additional £2 surcharge for more polluting vehicles.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: “Sadiq Khan’s proposed boundary charge will penalise everyone from outside Greater London for driving into the capital, including our city’s brave police officers. “More than half of our city’s police officers live outside of Greater London. Shamefully, Khan’s boundary charge would slap them with an £800-a-year bill to drive into the capital and keep us all safe.

“London’s police officers are on the beat all hours of the day and night across our city, and understandably, for many of them who live outside the capital, public transport simply isn’t an option.

“Londoners would be paying the price for Khan’s charge if it stops police officers from keeping our city safe.”


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