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Neil Garratt AM

Croydon and Sutton

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About Neil


Neil Garratt was elected to represent Croydon and Sutton on the London Assembly in May 2021.


Neil grew up on a council estate in the Midlands before moving to Sutton more than 20 years ago. His Dad drove buses and lorries, and his granddad was a coal miner. He has worked in IT with a career in global data works and project management.


Since 2014, Neil has served as a councillor in Sutton. 

In 2023, he was elected Leader of the City Hall Conservatives.


Group Responsibilities

  • Leader of the City Hall Conservatives
  • Budget Spokesman
  • Audit Spokesman

London Assembly Responsibilities

London Assembly Responsibilities

Meet Neil Garratt AM

  • Economy Committee Chairman
  • Member of the Police and Crime Committee
  • Member of the Transport Committee
  • Chair of the Budget and Performance Committee
  • Chairman of the Audit Panel
  • Member of the Confirmation Hearings Committee
  • Member of the Economy, Culture & Skills Committee
  • Member of the Transport Committee

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