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A Plan for Transporting South West London, Outer Neighbourhoods of London need specific strategies

A new report published today calls for a specific plan for South West London and further studies into the rest of Outer London.

The report, Spaghetti South Western: Untangling Transport in South West London, written by Nick Rogers AM recommends that:

  • Implementation of regional transport strategies where ‘status quo’ issues can be identified and built into decision making.

  • Transportation provision for Developments is considered from the outset and insufficient provision results is key to the application progressing.

  • Thinking is ‘joined up’ and considers future proofing opportunities to avoid changes needing to be undone in the future to accommodate further development.

Nick Rogers, Assembly Member for South West London comments:

“For too long South West London has struggled with insufficient transportation provision, with a Mayor that rarely shifts focus away from the inner zones. We need a joined-up strategy that takes into account the local idiosyncrasies of each area and also considers how issues can affect transport across borough boundaries.

My report focuses on SW London both because it is my constituency and my focus but also as I should not be the one to dictate measures to areas others are better placed to understand. This report can serve as a guide and a ‘jumping-off point’ to greater discussions.

A robust transport strategy for the whole of London, will recognise that ‘one-size-fits-all’ is not an option, and that London should never and can never be considered in isolation. Any plan that wilfully cuts London off from its neighbours and rips community apart is doomed to fail from the outset.”


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