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Bill for Sadiq Khan’s statue-toppling commission quadruples to £1.1 million

New figures have revealed that the bill for Sadiq Khan’s statue-toppling commission has more than quadrupled to nearly £1.1 million in his new budget.

That’s more than four times the previous cost of the commission which was only £247,000.

The Mayor set up the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm to review and potentially remove statues, plaques and street names in London after the Black Lives Matter protests last year.

In response to the Mayor’s budget, London Assembly Member Susan Hall AM blasted Sadiq Khan for “waging war on the capital’s statues” after increasing his share of struggling Londoners’ council tax bill by 9.5%.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented:

“Sadiq Khan’s decision to quadruple his statue-toppling commission’s budget shows his complete disregard for taxpayers’ cash and how little he thinks of British history.

“No politician or unelected commission has the right to rewrite or erase large swathes of the past. We have a long history filled with heroic triumphs and terrible mistakes. We shouldn’t hide it. “Londoners will be appalled to learn that the Mayor is waging all-out war on the capital’s statues after increasing their council tax bill. Instead of pandering to anti-British protesters, the Mayor needs to focus on Londoners’ priorities.

“Sadiq Khan’s decision to appoint left-wing activists shows the stance his commission will take when reviewing the capital’s landmarks.

“There can be no doubt now that Sadiq Khan is planning to topple towering British heroes. Why else would his new commission need such a large war chest?”


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