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City Hall Tories call for one-month ULEZ fines amnesty

City Hall Tories have called today for the Mayor to provide a one-month fines amnesty for drivers who fail to pay the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge during the first month of the expanded zone.

When ULEZ was first introduced in central London on the 8th of April, Transport for London sent warning notices instead of fining drivers for non-payment during the first month of the charge. City Hall Tories' Leader Susan Hall AM has called for TfL to apply the same fines amnesty for drivers who fail to pay their ULEZ bill in the newly expanded zone, which Sadiq Khan introduced today.

A study by car sales website Motorway found a majority of drivers in and around London were unaware of ULEZ expansion. It also found that even fewer motorists are confident about the new boundaries. Only 29 per cent knew boroughs in south west London would be included. A third knew parts of north, west and south east London would be in the new zone. Thirty-seven per cent are aware the zone stretches to parts of north east London.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: "Transport for London will slap thousands of unaware drivers with eye-watering fines as ULEZ expands today unless the Mayor introduces a one-month amnesty for non-payment.

"The Mayor should forgive drivers for falling foul of the new ULEZ boundaries. It's 18 times the size of the old zone and splits many London boroughs in two. With many Londoners struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic, a £160 fine each time they unknowingly drive in the new zone will squeeze people to breaking point.

"Let's not forget that Covid restrictions only ended three months ago. Frankly, people have had things on their minds other than ULEZ, and few have had a chance to recover, let alone prepare for the charge. A one-month fines amnesty will give London some time to adapt to the new zone."


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