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Emma Best AM: Mayor must invest in ULEZ scrappage schemes

London-wide Assembly Member Emma Best spoke to The Late Debate today about our plan to invest £50 million in Ultra Low Zone Emission (ULEZ) scrappage schemes.

Our plan would reopen two of Transport for London's (TfL) closed scrappage schemes which offered businesses and charities grants to scrap non-compliant vans, minibuses and heavy vehicles. It would also bolster TfL's third scheme which is also running low on cash, helping low-income and disabled Londoners scrap non-compliant cars and motorcycles.

Emma Best AM told The Late Debate: "The scrappage scheme needs to be expanded. We've identified money in City Hall's business rate reserve which we could use to fund £50 million of further scrappage schemes. That's needed. If Sadiq Khan wants to expand ULEZ, he needs to at least help make sure it doesn't hurt the poorest in London."


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