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Emma Best AM: Two Night Tube lines is not good enough

Responding to the Mayor of London’s announcement that the Night Tube will resume on two of the five lines at the end of next month, Emma Best AM told the Mayor: “I was 15 when a friend and I interrupted a black cab driver pushing a woman back into his vehicle and climbing on top of her in an east London back street.

“Just a few years ago, I had to throw on a hoodie at 3 am and pretend to be a housemate's boyfriend when a cab driver locked her in his car and said he wouldn't let her out till she showed him her vagina.

“I've witnessed, heard stories, and experienced inappropriate sexual behaviour at night on London's streets, in taxis and at bus stops. Sadly, a lot of women have.

“While most bus journeys are uneventful and the vast majority of taxi drivers are lovely and professional, it's easy to see why many women and girls want a better-lit transport option at night.

“The Night Tube provides not only a safe route home but a safe haven for women and girls at night. And it's essential for shift workers and the vulnerable. "So I welcome your announcement to open two lines but over 125,000 Londoners have signed a petition asking you to reopen the Night Tube in its entirety. Two out of five lines isn't good enough." The Mayor of London published his 50-page Spending Review submission this morning, which failed to mention the Night Tube despite the Mayor saying more government funding was needed to reopen the Night Tube fully.

Ms Best added: “It’s beggars belief that the Mayor will blame government funding only to not ask for cash to reopen the Night Tube in his wish list. I would urge the Mayor to listen to women and girls across London and make reopening the service his priority.”


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