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Full Disclosure: Taking Action Against Domestic Abuse within London’s LGBT+ Community

A new report published today highlights how much more needs to be done to tackle domestic abuse within the LGBT+ community. We call on the Mayor and MOPAC to put into place crucial measures that enable a radical reduction in domestic abuse cases, alongside tackling the chronic underreporting of cases that do occur.

The report, Full Disclosure: Taking Action Against Domestic Abuse within London’s LGBT+ Community, by GLA Conservative Assembly Member Nick Rogers, finds that:

  • In the financial year 2016/2017 there were 607 offences reported. By 2020/21 this had risen to 793, an increase of 31%

  • Within the LGBT+ community, 38.4% have experienced domestic abuse at some point in their lives, demonstrating significant underreporting

  • Studies have shown that gay men are less likely to report or recognise domestic abuse compared to lesbian or bisexual women. The same survey showed that 40% of the female respondents and 35.2% of the male respondents reported being victims of domestic abuse.

It further recommends:

  • MOPAC should recommence funding to provide emergency accommodation for LGBT+ victims of domestic abuse on a permanent basis.

  • The Mayor should advertise LGBT domestic abuse awareness and information on victim support on the TfL network.

  • The Mayor should update the LGBTQ+ Venues Charter to include the displaying of public health and safety information for the LGBT+ community, including information on domestic abuse.

  • Extend the Metropolitan Police’s hate crime data sharing agreement with Galop to cover domestic abuse to assess the hidden demand, specifically the number of calls to their helpline.

  • MOPAC to explore launching a specialist programme to address the behaviour of LGBT+ perpetrators.

  • The Government should update the section on vulnerability within the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales, to specifically consider sexual orientation.

Assembly Member Nick Rogers comments:

“The London Assembly is the voice of London, and that voice is most powerful when it is raised in support of the most vulnerable in our city.

With LGBT+ domestic abuse a growing problem, we need to stem the rising tide of abuse, alongside ensuring that those who do experience domestic abuse are galvanised to report the abuse they suffer.

So much work needs to be done to ensure that services are specifically available for LGBT+ individuals with staff and support able to help those in need.

It is absolutely essential that we take the crucial steps to tackle this critical issue. Domestic abuse is a devasting reality for so many, we must not stop until all Londoners have guaranteed support and protection.”

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact the Press Office.


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