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GLA Conservative Group visits new City Hall building

GLA Conservatives' Leader Susan Hall AM has cast doubts over whether the Greater London Authority will be able to move into The Crystal building before Christmas after pictures showed the extent of work still to be done.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: "It's hard to see how the Crystal building will be ready for City Hall to move in by the end of the year — considering that it's already late and over budget, it's not good a place to be.

"In a few short weeks, the London Assembly and the Mayor will be homeless. The Mayor's bizarre decision to ship London's regional government up the Thames is proving to be more ridiculous by the day.

"The longer the Crystal is delayed, the more it will cost the taxpayer and the greater disruption to City Hall's work it will cause. We won't let the Mayor escape scrutiny, but his decision to move buildings is no doubt going to impact the Greater London Authority's ability to deliver on Londoners' priorities."


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