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Keith Prince AM statement in response to third TfL bailout

GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, Keith Prince AM, commented: “This agreement will protect Transport for London (TfL) and keep our city moving. Instead of hitting UK taxpayers and Londoners with a giant bill, it puts TfL’s waste on the chopping block.

“I’m pleased the Mayor has finally agreed to review TfL’s gold-plated pensions, accelerate its modernisation programme and deliver £300 million of savings. This will go a long way to making TfL financially sustainable in the future.

“After Sadiq Khan’s irresponsible decision to partially freeze fares and his failure to deliver Crossrail on time, TfL needs to make up for lost revenue.

“As London reopens and more commuters return, fares revenue will rise and hopefully provide the funding TfL needs. If it doesn’t, the Mayor must look at creative ways to raise money instead of regressive council tax hikes and a boundary charge.”


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