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London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme running out of cash, Mayor confirms

A £61 million scrappage fund to help Londoners scrap non-compliant vehicles ahead of ULEZ expansion has less than £2 million left, City Hall Tories uncovered today.

Following a question from GLA Conservatives' Leader Susan Hall AM, the Mayor confirmed that only £1,917,348 of uncommitted funds remained in the car and motorcycle scrappage scheme as of October 11.

This means that fewer than 1,000 more drivers will be able to obtain a £2,000 grant to switch vehicles and avoid Sadiq Khan's ULEZ charge.

Susan Hall AM commented: "Unless the Mayor urgently invests in scrappage schemes, struggling Londoners who can't buy a new vehicle without help will be hit by a daily charge they can't afford.

"There's no excuse for the Mayor to let London's scrappage schemes run dry. The ULEZ charge will raise millions of pounds a year and we've identified £50 million the Mayor could use right now to help Londoners switch vehicles and avoid the charge."


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