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Only 1,600 council homes built under Sadiq Khan since 2018

New figures have revealed that Sadiq Khan has only built 1,632 council homes since 2018 despite promising to build 11,154 by 2022.

This means the Mayor has only delivered 14.6 per cent of the council homes he pledged to fund in 2018, with only a year-and-a-half to go until his target.

The Mayor’s housing record has already come under fire after it emerged that his predecessor Boris Johnson completed nearly twice as many homes (62,387) in his first five years as Mayor than Khan built during his first term (34,659).

The figures obtained by London-wide Assembly Member Andrew Boff also show a borough breakdown of the few council homes the Mayor has built. The top boroughs include Hackney (250), Tower Hamlets (200) and Brent (162), while Haringey (6), Hammersmith and Fulham (2) and Richmond upon Thames (1) have seen the fewest completed.

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented: "Sadiq Khan is miles behind on his promise to build more than 11,000 council homes by 2022. His inability to build the homes our city needs is letting thousands of Londoners down who are desperate for new housing.

"The Mayor has no excuse for these disappointing figures. He has been given nearly £5 billion from the government to build homes in London, but he still can't deliver them. Unless Sadiq Khan speeds up his council housebuilding programme, he will break his promise to Londoners.

"This is the latest in a long line on abysmal housing figures. Khan built fewer affordable homes in his first term than Boris Johnson did in his first five years. Now, the Mayor's flagship council homebuilding scheme is lagging behind."


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