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Only 3,600 signed up to Sadiq Khan’s power company

Only 3,658 households have signed up to Sadiq Khan’s energy supplier in its first nine months despite City Hall investing £3.2 million in the scheme.

This means that City Hall has so far spent £875 for every household switching to London Power, the power company created by Sadiq Khan and Octopus Power, since it launched in January 2020. It also means that less 0.1% of households in the capital have signed up to the Mayor’s energy supplier.

In response to the new figures, Conservative London Assembly Member Tony Arbour today called London Power “a tremendous waste of money”. He accused the Mayor’s energy company of being little more than a “disguised taxpayer-funded marketing scheme for Octopus Power in London”.

Tony Arbour, London Assembly Member for South West, commented: “Sadiq Khan’s power company is proving to be a tremendous waste of money. It’s embarrassing that less than 0.1% of households in London have signed up to this scheme despite City Hall’s sizeable investment.

“London Power is merely a disguised taxpayer-funded marketing scheme for Octopus Power in London. It’s frankly disgraceful that Sadiq Khan is wasting millions of pounds on this PR stunt which will never deliver for Londoners. “It’s difficult to see how London is benefiting from the Mayor paying £3.2 million on promoting an existing energy supplier in the capital. This money could be better spent on much-needed rapid charging points, helping Londoners change old boilers, and planting the two million trees the Mayor promised.”


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