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Emma Best AM: Sadiq Khan has made a mess of England vs Scotland game

Emma Best AM, GLA Conservative Health Spokesman, commented: "Sadiq Khan's has made a complete mess of today's football clash between England and Scotland.

"When we were total lockdown in February, Khan encouraged Scottish fans to come to London for the game. But now he's telling them to stay away despite him launching a tourism campaign and calling for coronavirus restrictions to end next week. With mixed messages like that, it's no wonder some Scottish fans are furious with the Mayor.

"Given the difficulties with the new Delta variant, it makes sense to discourage people from travelling for the game. We can't risk speeding up the spread of the virus while the NHS vaccination programme is racing it. But, like it or not, thousands of Scottish fans are arriving in London today.

"By failing to provide the Tartan Army with somewhere safe to go, Khan has created the exact problem we wanted to avoid and risks accelerating the virus in London."

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