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Sadiq Khan hiding Congestion Charge consultation

Sadiq Khan has been accused of trying to sneak out a very short consultation on his plan to hike up the Congestion Charge which only gives Londoners two more days to have their say.

Appearing on Transport for London’s website yesterday, the consultation asks Londoners to provide their views on the Mayor’s controversial Congestion Charge plans by the 4th June.

Tony Devenish AM has accused the Mayor of “hiding this appalling short consultation” in order to prevent Londoners stopping his disastrous plan to increase the charge to £15, extend hours from 7 am until 10 pm for seven days a week and close residents’ discount to new applicants.

Conservative London Assembly Member, Tony Devenish, commented: “Londoners deserve a chance to have their say on the Mayor’s damaging plan to hike up the Congestion Charge during the coronavirus crisis. “The Mayor is hiding this appallingly short consultation to prevent Londoners from having their say on his plan. Khan has obviously made up his mind that motorists must pay for his financial mismanagement of Transport for London for the past four years. “It’s unacceptable that Khan has given Londoners mere days to respond to a plan that will have a severe impact on people’s livelihoods.”

“It’s madness to increase and extend the Congestion Charge while Londoners are being told by the Mayor to avoid public transport. Many Londoners are rightly turning to their cars for journeys which they can’t make by foot or bike to limit the numbers on public transport. Khan is hammering Londoners for doing the right thing. “The Mayor needs to extend this consultation and publicly promote it so that Londoners can have their say and stop his disastrous plan. If he won’t then Londoners must urgently voice their concerns to stop Khan in his tracks.”


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