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Sadiq Khan must intervene to stop Extinction Rebellion occupation during London crime wave

  • Extinction Rebellion activists are trying to ‘bully’ the Met Police into agreeing to a three-day occupation of Hyde Park from September 10th.

  • The occupation would divert vital resources away from dealing with the London crime wave, and cause serious disruption to Londoners.

  • Susan Hall AM has called on the Mayor to intervene to stop the ‘hypocritical and lawless’ occupation, and prioritise keeping Londoners safe.

The Mayor of London must intervene to stop a ‘hypocritical and lawless’ occupation of Hyde Park by Extinction Rebellion activists during the London crime wave, according to Susan Hall AM, leader of the Conservative Group in the London Assembly.

Extinction Rebellion activists have demanded that the Met Police facilitate their three day occupation from September 10th, and are threatening to cause even more ‘disruption’ if the police do not accede to their plans. The Met Police have yet to announce their response.

Susan Hall AM is calling for the Mayor to advise the Met Police to deny the request, noting that previous occupations have been disorderly and led to criminal damage, road blockages, and other serious criminal behaviour which organisers failed to prevent.

The occupation would also divert the Met Police from addressing the serious crime wave currently affecting London:

  • At the weekend, five people were stabbed, two were shot, and a 12-year-old girl was left with life threatening injuries after a hit and run incident (source).

  • On Monday, there were two stabbings in broad daylight in Hounslow and Peckham (source).

  • As you will be aware, Thomas O’Halloran, an 87-year-old man, was stabbed to death on his mobility scooter in Greenford last week.

The Mayor has blamed the recent crime wave on the weather, school holidays, longer days, the policies of the Coalition Government (2010-15), and the cost of living crisis.

The Mayor has in the past been reluctant to fully condemn Extinction Rebellion. He previously said he has “sympathy with their cause,” that he “share[s] the passion [of XR activists],” and expressed concern that their tactics might be “inadvertently driving people away.”

He intervened in support of Extinction Rebellion in 2019, insisting that the Met Police explain to him why it issued a Section 14 order on their protests and that they find a way to allow the protests to continue ‘legally and peacefully’ (source). Section 14 of the 1986 Public Order Act allows police to place conditions on public assemblies when serious disruption is expected.

Susan Hall AM, leader of the GLA Conservatives, said: “Extinction Rebellion’s hypocritical and lawless occupation will do nothing to reduce climate change, but it will tie up police resources while criminals run rampant during this horrendous crime wave.

“These activists want to bully the Met Police into allowing a disorderly takeover of Hyde Park, threatening to unleash criminal damage, road blockages, and serious criminal behaviour on London.

“Sadiq Khan cannot blame this one on the weather. The Mayor needs to intervene, stop the occupation, and allow the police to focus on keeping Londoners safe.”


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