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Sadiq Khan suffers worst average strike record of any Mayor

Sadiq Khan's record on industrial action has been condemned after figures revealed he has overseen more strikes a year than both his predecessors, Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone.

Under Khan, there have been 6.2 strikes a year on average during his five years in office. In comparison, there was only an average of 4.4 strikes a year under Boris and two under Ken.

Despite promising "zero strikes" on public transport in the run-up to his election in 2016, there have been 31 strikes on his watch.

Keith Prince AM, GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, commented: "Sadiq Khan's appalling strike record could spell disaster for our city's recovery. Far from delivering on his zero strikes promise, there have been 31 on Khan's watch so far. That's more on average than both Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson.

"I fear that industrial action this summer could grind our city to a near-complete halt. Londoners would crush onto other transport options in normal times, but few people will feel comfortable doing so in a pandemic. This is the worst possible time for a strike.

"With the threat of more industrial action hanging over London, it will be challenging to encourage commuters, customers, and tourists back into the capital. We narrowly avoided two days of Tube strikes this week, but the RMT workers' union still threatens to walkout later this month. Khan needs to bang heads together, keep our city moving, and stop Tube strikes wrecking our recovery."


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