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Shocking rise in drugging offences in London

This month (December 2021) the Home Affairs Committee launched an inquiry into drink and needle spiking and how it should be addressed.

The inquiry is being launched against a backdrop of a worryingly high rise in offences of drugging in London.

GLA Conservatives Health Spokesman Emma Best said: "Against a backdrop of lockdowns and social restrictions this is an increase we really need to understand. Is it a case of better reporting? More education perhaps allowing recognition of what spiking is? Or is there an element of evolution in the ease of drugging and availability of drugs with which to spike? Has education worked conversely to also better inform predators through the internet and social media accounts on how to attempt to commit a drugging offence?

These are questions we seriously need to answer. For all of us. It is a question of safety not just for women and girls but men too. I still remember the heart wrenching feeling reading of the 200 men attacked by just one offender in Manchester. Spiking is a despicable crime in all forms. In London I’m working to get answers and look at how we can better tackle these evil acts. I’m delighted the Home Affairs Committee has also launched their inquiry, we must work together across the country to end the scourge of drugging.

If you have any experience of this or have witnessed it then please complete the Committee's five minute survey here."


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