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Supreme Court's Heathrow expansion ruling is "deeply disappointing"

Tony Arbour, Conservative London Assembly Member for South West, commented: “The Supreme Court’s decision to allow Heathrow expansion to go ahead is deeply disappointing. Londoners had hoped the judgement blocking expansion earlier year marked the end of the road for Heathrow’s third runway.

“Heathrow’s grandiose expansion plan would not only damage the environment but also cause misery for the residents of South West London. If it went ahead, Heathrow’s ‘masterplan’ would take thirty years to complete and cause chaos as motorways and rivers are rerouted. That’s why Heathrow expansion is completely unacceptable.

“The already poor case for Heathrow expansion has been weakened by the coronavirus crisis which has seen passenger numbers plummet. In the wake of the pandemic, the Government must move swiftly to rule out Heathrow expansion.”


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