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Susan Hall AM’s comment on City Hall move delay

It was confirmed today that the Crystal will not be ready to accommodate the London Assembly and Mayor of London this year, leaving London government homeless when City Hall is emptied in November 2021.

GLA Conservative Leader Susan Hall commented: “It is hugely disappointing that the London Assembly will be temporarily homeless because of the Mayor’s decision to move City Hall to the Royal Docks. “Far from saving taxpayers’ money, the Mayor’s plan is proving to be a costly distraction from City Hall’s important work. We’ve already seen the moving costs soar by 70 per cent to £13.6 million and it’s likely the final bill will be even higher. “We warned the Mayor that his plan to move to the Crystal building was half-baked. It’s becoming clearer by the day that Sadiq Khan’s decision to abandon a custom built home for City Hall is a catastrophic mistake for London’s government. “We will not allow Sadiq Khan’s moving fiasco to frustrate the Assembly’s efforts to hold him to account.”


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