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ULEZ scrappage schemes funding running out warns Peter Fortune AM

Today, Peter Fortune AM will warn Sadiq Khan that thousands of Londoners will be left without help ahead of Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion unless more funding is made available for scrappage schemes.

New figures show Transport for London has handed out £13.1 million to low-income and disabled Londoners to scrap non-compliant cars and motorcycles. However, only a third of applicants have received a pay-out.

As of the 20th of September, 19,594 Londoners have applied for a scrappage grant, but only 6,548 have received a scrappage grant. Compared to the 2nd of August, 16,089 applications had been received and 5,348 payments made.

Mr Fortune has warned the extra £5 million the Mayor invested in July to keep the scheme going will not last until ULEZ expands on the 25th of October. City Hall Tories are calling for the Mayor to invest £50 million in scrappage schemes and widen the scheme to help Londoners earning less than £30,000.

Peter Fortune, Deputy Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: "The Mayor's scrappage scheme is clearly running low on cash. If it hasn't run out already, it will only be a matter of days until it's suspended, leaving struggling Londoners with no help as ULEZ expands.

"With the price of second-hand cars soaring, few Londoners can afford to switch their vehicle without help. This scheme is supposed to offer scrappage grants to low-income and disabled Londoners, but only a third of applicants have received a pay-out. If the funds run out, Khan will hit the people who can afford ULEZ the least with a £12.50 a day bill.

"I urge the Mayor to keep this scrappage scheme open by investing £50 million from City Hall's business rate reserve. That's enough to help Londoners scrap 25,000 dirty cars. It would also enable the Mayor to widen the scheme to help more low-income Londoners earning less than £30,000 who are currently ineligible."


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