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ULEZ scrappage scheme runs out of cash

Transport for London's scrappage scheme to help low-income and disabled Londoners avoid the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge ran out of cash today.

In an email to London Assembly Members, TfL said the oversubscribed scheme was "now closed for new applications as all available funds have been allocated".

Nick Rogers AM said closing the scrappage scheme less than a month after ULEZ expanded was "deeply irresponsible". He warned that "thousands of low-income and disabled Londoners who asked for help haven't received it".

According to figures uncovered by the GLA Conservatives, 23,300 people had applied to the scheme to receive a £2,000 grant to scrap a car or £1,000 for a motorcycle by the 8th of November. Of these, only 9,370 requests for help had been accepted and just 7,600 applicants had received a payout.

Nick Rogers, Conservative London Assembly Member, commented: "Closing Transport for London's scrappage schemes only a month after ULEZ expands is deeply irresponsible. Thousands of low-income and disabled Londoners who asked for help haven't received it.

"Without help, they face a brutal choice: pay £12.50 a day or fork out for a new vehicle. It's a choice few in London can afford so soon after the pandemic.

"Sadiq Khan could offer £50 million in new scrappage grants using City Hall's business rates reserve. There's no excuse for failing to do so. He has a responsibility to help struggling people, charities, and small businesses switch their vehicles and avoid the charge.

"Unless Khan reopens these schemes, ULEZ will punish the poorest in London and thousands of polluting vehicles will remain on London's streets."


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