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10 Ridiculous Ways Sadiq Khan Has Wasted Your Money

Sadiq Khan is the most powerful elected Mayor in the country with a massive £18.5 billion budget, but instead of funding extra police officers he’s squandered millions of pounds. Here are the top ten ridiculous ways Mayor Khan has wasted your money.

1) £10 million to determine the colour of Met Police Officers’ personalities

More than 10,000 Met police and staff were sent on a training course to make sure they felt “empowered”. The five days of workshops and coaching also included tests to determine the colour of their personality.

A source who attended the course told the Telegraph:“Everyone was angry as they felt it was a waste of money and it took us out of borough for two days at a time when we have so much work to do.”

2) Almost half a million splashed on a lavish beach party

Sadiq Khan forked out £462k on a pop-up beach party at the Royal Docks featuring a swimming pool, street food stalls and classic film screening. Londoners were left wondering how the beach party helped to tackle knife crime which had soared by 12% in Newham on Khan’s watch.

3) £30k on a bicycle ballet to explore female liberation

Sadiq Khan has spent millions on cultural festivals while violent crime has spiralled out of control. The Mayor even found £30k for a bicycle ballet to ‘explore the role cycling had in female liberation”.

Michelle McPhillips, whose son JJ was stabbed in 2017 in Islington, told LBC: “Cultural festivals are not going to save lives. That’s not what we need. We need our children’s lives saved.”

4) £1 million on customer satisfaction surveys

Londoners were left bemused after the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime spent £1 million on customer satisfaction surveys while Khan claimed to be short on cash when it came to policing. Instead of asking residents “how good a job do you think the police are doing in this area?” Khan should have spent the money putting more cops on the beat in our communities.

5) £240k on a propaganda quiz

City Hall has thrown almost a quarter of a million pounds at ‘Talk London’ which has been accused of being an expensive propaganda tool for Sadiq Khan. It uses a class bait-and-switch technique to promote what the Mayor is doing and make excuses for his shortcomings.

6) £35k on paper towels at City Hall

In his manifesto, Khan promised to ensure “City Hall and all other GLA buildings maintain the highest environmental standards.” However, after nearly four years City Hall is spending a whopping £35k on more than four million paper towels. That’s enough paper towels to reach Zurich from City Hall.

7) £300k on another beach party

Sadiq Khan splashed out on a second beach party – but this time there was a bigger pool. In total the Mayor has spent almost a million pounds on beach parties during his mayoralty.

8) £1.7 million on water fountains

As violent crime soared, Sadiq Khan decisively chose to spend £1.7 million on 100 water fountains and bottle refilling stations across London. The fight against plastic may be important, but critics said tackling violent crime must come first.

9) £19k to encourage Londoners to “listen like bats”

Following Khan’s beach parties and bicycle ballet the Mayor coughed up £19k on a project called ‘We’re all Bats” to help people “rediscover and reimagine what it means to listen and heath the world around you.”

The taxpayer funded programme included an event called “Wet Sounds” where guests could listen to music underwater in a swimming as well as “Audio Massage Stations” and a “Bats lecture”.

10) £13 million lost on failed junk food ad ban

The Mayor has lost Londoners an estimated £13 million after banning junk food adverts from the London Underground. The ban has failed to remove junk food adverts from McDonald’s, Just Eat, and Deliveroo, but has successfully removed a image of strawberries and cream from a TfL poster.

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