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83 people charged for coughing at police officers

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police revealed today that 83 people have been charged for spitting and coughing on police officers since lockdown began.

During the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee, Cressida Dick revealed that, between 20th March and 31st May, there had been over 900 assaults against police officers of which 100 were coronavirus related. In these incidents, people threatened officers with the virus and spat and coughed on them.

The Commissioner also revealed that 14 people charged with a coronavirus related assault on a police officer have now faced trial and 13 have been given a custodial sentence.

GLA Conservative Police and Crime Spokesman, Susan Hall AM, commented: “Assaulting a police officer by spitting at them has always been an abhorrent and disgusting crime, but during this pandemic it’s an evil act.

“This cruel assault not only risks passing coronavirus onto police officers, but it will cause them tremendous distress and worry that they may bring it home to their families.

“London’s police officers have bravely continued to serve our city during the coronavirus outbreak while Londoners have stayed at home. It’s our job to keep police officers safe as they work to protect us. That’s why I am pleased that almost everyone who has faced trial for this horrendous crime has been given a custodial sentence. “Anyone who spits or coughs at a police officer, threatening them with coronavirus or other diseases, must face the full force of the law.”


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