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A Road to Nowhere?

Cracking the case against ULEZ

A new report released today, Road to Nowhere: The case against expanding the ULEZ and London-wide road user charging, explains why expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and seeking to introduce London-wide road pricing would be damaging mistakes. It also takes a look at vehicle usage in London to consider other more sustainable possibilities.

  • On 4th March 2022 the Mayor announced his intention to consult on expanding the ULEZ to make the scheme London-wide.*

  • This was despite further ULEZ expansion not being in his manifesto

  • He has a desire to implement the scheme in August 2023, which is less than a year away and he (should) need time to study the consultation responses before any decisions are made.

  • The GLA Environment team estimating that a total of between 20,000 and 40,000 polluting vehicles will be taken off the roads because of further expansion of the ULEZ.

  • Assuming the London-wide expansion costs £200m** and that the estimate of 20,000 to 40,000 cars is correct, the ULEZ expansion will cost, per vehicle removed;

    • 20,000 cars - £10,000 per vehicle removed from the road

    • 30,000 cars - £6,6000 per vehicle removed (6,666.67)

    • 40,000 cars - £5,000 per vehicle removed

  • The Mayor originally claimed that expanding the ULEZ to make it London-wide would reduce NO2 emissions by 10% but the detailed impact assessment later found that NO2 levels across London would fall by just 1%.***

Shaun Bailey, London-wide AM says -

“It is quite clear that the Mayor should cancel plans to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Considering any positive environmental impact will be negligible at best, the eye-watering price tag of £200m could be far better spent on schemes that will actually improve London’s air.

It’s imperative that any road charging work is done in conjunction with the Government, to ensure that London forms part of a national scheme that is revenue neutral. Londoners cannot be expected to bear the financial burden of Khan’s legacy and pay twice to implement a scheme that hasn’t been properly considered.”

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