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City Hall to move after Khan approves dodgy plan

City Hall will move to the Royal Docks next year after Sadiq Khan decided to press ahead with his dodgy plan today.

Under Khan's moving plan, the Greater London Authority will relocate to The Crystal building in east London. The Mayor decided to abandon the existing City Hall building despite the landlord offering a significant rent reduction, rising moving costs and questions over how much his plan would save.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: “I am disappointed that Sadiq Khan has decided to move City Hall with a half-baked plan based on dodgy numbers.

"The Mayor was offered a substantial rent reduction by the landlord of the existing building. Instead of accepting it, Khan has chosen a flawed plan to move. We will doubtlessly see costs spiral and fewer savings than he promises.

“Moving City Hall is more of a PR stunt than an attempt to find serious savings. Alongside ditching City Hall, Khan is unforgivably cutting London’s policing and fire budgets by over £130 million, while he protects his bloated PR spending. Instead of symbolic gestures, we need Khan to identify significant savings to protect London’s frontline services.”

“City Hall is an iconic building which has been home to London’s democracy for nearly 20 years. It will be a sad sight to see moving vans outside it. Despite Khan’s flawed moving plan, we hope that the Crystal will one day be a recognisable home to our city’s regional government.”


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