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Mayor urged to provide TfL staff with face masks

Keith Prince AM has told the Mayor to provide London transport workers with masks after Khan called for the government to oblige the public to cover their faces to stop coronavirus spreading. Prince’s call for the Mayor to “practice what he preaches” comes after it was confirmed that 26 transport workers have died so far because of coronavirus, including 20 bus staff. The shocking figures reveal that Transport for London workers are 18 times more likely to die from coronavirus than NHS workers. This is because the NHS has lost 34 workers to coronavirus despite its 1.5 million people workforce being significantly greater compared to TfL’s 60,000 staff members and contractors.

In a letter, GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman Keith Prince urged the Mayor to provide London transport workers with non-surgical masks to help stop the coronavirus spreading. Prince pointed out that the Mayor’s call for the government to force the public to cover their faces on public transport was inconsistent with Transport for London’s decision not to provide staff with masks. He also urged the Mayor to implement his own call for the public to wear face coverings by providing free masks on London buses and TfL stations.

Keith Prince AM commented: “If the Mayor believes that Londoners should cover their faces on public transport, then he must provide TfL workers with masks. Sadiq Khan needs to practice what he preaches and stop waiting for the government to bail him out. “Londoners are incredibly grateful for the crucial work TfL staff are doing to keep essential workers moving across our city. It’s only right that the Mayor does everything in his power to protect them from coronavirus. Khan must do right by them and urgently provide them with masks. “It makes no sense for the Mayor to call for Londoners to be forced to wear masks and yet not provide TfL staff with masks. It’s one rule to protect some, and another rule risking others. This is not the decisive leadership our city needs right now. “I would strongly encourage the Mayor to utilise his current powers and huge City Hall resources to do what he thinks is right. If he believes Londoners should cover their faces on public transport, I urge him to provide free non-surgical masks on London’s buses and TfL stations so the public can do so. Khan needs to act now.”


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