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Housing completions fell by two-fifths during Sadiq Khan's first term

New housing figures have revealed that the number of affordable homes completed by City Hall fell by more than two-fifths during Sadiq Khan’s first term as Mayor compared to his predecessor.

Under Khan, City Hall completed an average of 6,932 homes a year, while his predecessor Boris Johnson completed an average of 11,750 per year across his two terms. That means housing completions fell by 41 per cent during Sadiq Khan's first term. GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, Andrew Boff AM, blamed the Mayor’s poor record on his failure to treat “housebuilding as a sprint, not a marathon”. Mr Boff today called on the Mayor to speed up City Hall’s £4.82 billion affordable house building programme to deliver more “homes now, not later”. The new figures also revealed that City Hall has only started building 57,673 homes after five years despite promising to start 116,000 by 2023. That’s less than half the homes the Mayor has the money to build with only two years to go.

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented: “Londoners have given Sadiq Khan another chance to deliver the homes our city desperately needs. The Mayor cannot let them down for again. In his second term, Khan must treat housebuilding as a sprint, not a marathon. “In his first five years in office, Khan completed less than 35,000 homes despite receiving nearly £5 billion from the government to build 116,000. I am sure the Mayor is embarrassed that the number of housing completions has fallen by two-fifths on his watch compared to his predecessor.

“It’s no good sitting on nearly £5 billion and patting yourself on the back for breaking ground on a new house. Londoners can’t live in a housing start. The longer Sadiq Khan takes starting homes, the later they will be completed and ready for Londoners to move in. Londoners need more homes now, not later.”


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