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Cycling and walking alone won't get London moving

Sadiq Khan has been urged today to produce a plan to get London's public transport moving safely post-lockdown so Londoners can return to work.

Keith Prince AM warned the Mayor that his proposal to make Londoners cycle and walk isn't enough to get the city moving again. The Mayor must also get more Tube and bus services moving safely again otherwise he will jeopardise London's economic recovery, endanger people's health and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Keith Prince AM, GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, said:

“We urgently need the Mayor to produce a realistic plan to get London’s public transport moving safely again. Increasing cycling and walking will certainly be part of the solution, but it is complete madness to think they can replace millions of journeys on London’s Tube and buses. “Some of Sadiq Khan’s Streetspace plan might work in Central London, but it won’t work for the majority of those living in Outer London. It’s simply not possible for many Londoners who live in the outer boroughs to cycle or walk into work. If the Mayor wants them to avoid using cars, he needs to make a plan to get London’s public transport moving safely now. “The Mayor has had weeks to get the Tube and buses ready for the lockdown to end. Other cities in Italy and Spain are providing free masks and gloves but in London, Khan hasn’t even provided transport workers with face coverings. “In the coming days, the government is looking to ease the lockdown. If the Mayor hasn’t prepared Transport for London to safely transport thousands more commuters, he’s jeopardising people’s health and our city’s economic recovery and putting jobs at risk.”


Boris Johnson: Bigger Tube service crucial to getting transport to run safely.

At Prime Minister's Questions today, Conservative MP Theresa Villiers called for London's public transport capacity to be restored. PM Boris Johnson, told the House of Commons in response, that "a crucial part of our success now in getting transport to run safely, will be running a bigger and more expansive Tube service."


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