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Keith Prince AM: Quiet Streets plan a "recipe for disaster"

Redbridge Council's plan to create a Quiet Streets area in Barkingside is a recipe for disaster which will cause chaos on our roads.

The Labour-run council has failed to realise that in making it far less convenient for non-local traffic to cut through Barkingside South, they will trap residents in gridlock.

Emergency service vehicles will also be restricted by the proposed Quiet Streets area, while criminals on mopeds and bikes can make a quick getaway. This is counterproductive and could make communities less safe.

Instead of rushing ahead with its Quiet Streets scheme, the Council should listen to residents and come up with flexible, sensible and responsive plans to promote walking and cycling in Redbridge.

Many local councils are using coronavirus as an opportunity to wage an ideological war against motorists. Not only is this hampering London's economic recovery, but it is also wreaking havoc on our streets and stopping Londoners from travelling.

That's why the Secretary of State for Transport warned councils early this month to stop installing inappropriate COVID transport measures which cause congestion, create barriers for pedestrians and endanger cyclists.

Redbridge Council should drop its war on motorists and work with residents to come up with sensible proposals which will benefit our communities.

Above all, the council must be willing to drop and change proposals if they do not work. In local government, there is nothing more permanent than temporary measures. Redbridge does not want to be stuck with failed Quiet Streets schemes.

Article by Keith Prince AM first published in the Ilford Recorder.


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