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Crimes committed on bikes rocket by 52% under Khan

Brand new figures have revealed a shocking rise in the number crimes committed on bicycles since Sadiq Khan became Mayor of London.

The new statistics, which have been obtained by London-wide Assembly Member Susan Hall, reveal that cycle enabled crime has rocketed by 52 percent in three years, from 6939 in November 2016 – October 2017 to 10557 in November 2018 – October 2019.

The statistics show that the number of cycle enabled theft was up by 35 percent, while robbery surged by 82 percent.

October 2019 was the worst month for bike crime, with nearly 1000 thefts taking place – the equivalent of roughly 32 every day.

In contrast, moped enabled crime has fallen since its 2017 peak, suggesting that offenders are increasingly switching from mopeds to bicycles in order to commit crime.

Commenting, Susan Hall AM said:

“We are now in the final weeks of Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty and crime is out of control. The Mayor promised to keep our city safe, but after four wasted years there can be no doubt that he has proven himself to be entirely incapable of getting to grips with crime.

“It’s hardly surprising that crime has surged on Sadiq Khan’s watch. After all, this Mayor has consistently failed to take a robust approach to dealing with crime, including by scaling back the use of stop and search in the early days of his mayoralty. At the same time, he has constantly prioritised spending millions of pounds on City Hall staff, PR officers and waste instead of getting more police officers on our streets.

“This unacceptable rise in cycle enabled crime comes as a direct result of Sadiq Khan’s complacent attitude towards keeping Londoners safe. Our brilliant city deserves better.”


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