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Sadiq Khan passes blame for fares increase

Keith Prince AM has accused Sadiq Khan of passing the blame for TfL fare rises onto the government’s bailout terms despite the Mayor already announcing in March that his fare freeze would come to an end. In a humiliating bailout for Khan, the government told the Mayor that in return for a £1.6 billion grant and loan, the Tube service must be fully restored, a review of TfL finances would take place, and government officials would sit on the TfL board.

The bailout means TfL will now operate a full service so key workers and Londoners who have returned to work can travel safely. In order to fix TfL’s finances, the Mayor will have to temporarily limit the Freedom Pass and 60+ card concessions to off-peak hours, suspend free travel for under 18s, and TfL fares will rise as the Mayor planned.

In response to Sadiq Khan’s statement which blamed the government for TfL being unable to afford these concessions and a fare freeze, Keith Prince slammed for the Mayor for trying to hide his incompetent handling of TfL finances.

GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, Keith Prince AM said:

“Sadiq Khan has some nerve to blame the government for TfL fares increasing. He had already announced that the fare freeze would end before the country went into lockdown. After four years of Khan’s incompetent handling of TfL’s finances, the Mayor is trying to escape the consequences and hide behind the government’s bailout terms.

"Transport for London's finances were in a mess going into this crisis. Sadiq Khan's fares freeze and the delay to Crossrail have cost TfL and the taxpayer billions in lost revenue and bailouts. On Khan's watch, TfL has reached a record debt of £12 billion and delayed or cancelled 21 major transport upgrades to solve its money woes. It's no surprise TfL has crumbled during this crisis.

“This bailout is good news for Londoners, good news for key workers, and good news for TfL, but awful news for Sadiq Khan. It will ensure that Tube services are fully restored so Londoners can travel safely after Khan drastically cut the service causing dangerous crowding. The conditions will also protect Londoners from Khan’s appalling leadership at TfL and help secure the long-term financial future of London’s public transport network.

“It’s vital that in the review of TfL’s finances we urgently look to reinstate the Freedom Pass and other concessions which TfL can no longer afford. After years of Khan’s incompetent handling of TfL, we need the government to step in and sort it out so Londoners can get a better deal.”


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