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Khan’s woeful housebuilding record in Havering

Sadiq Khan has completed just 76 new affordable homes in Havering since he took office nearly four years ago. This woeful statistic comes despite the Mayor starting 552 homes in the same period, meaning that only 14 percent of housing starts are now inhabitable.

Figures obtained by London-wide Assembly Member Andrew Boff show that there is a great disparity in home completion across London. Havering is the second most neglected borough when it comes to completions, making up just 0.62% of the affordable homes the Mayor has managed to build.

The statistics also reveal that the Mayor has completed only 27 family homes (homes consisting of three or more bedrooms) in Havering. Last year, the Mayor completed just two family homes. Across London, the 34,515 homes which the Mayor has started to build have led to only 2658 completed family homes.

Keith Prince, Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge, said:

“Once again we’ve seen that Sadiq Khan says one thing and does another. It’s completely unacceptable the Mayor promised to build 116,000 affordable homes across London and has only completed 12,000.

“The statistics in Havering are even worse. The Mayor’s shockingly slow progress in building homes here shows how little consideration he has for Londoners who live outside of Zone 1.

“I am especially disappointed about Khan’s shocking record of building affordable family homes in Havering. Ultimately, we need more family homes here and the fact that the Mayor has only managed to build 27 demonstrates how low families are on his list of priorities.”


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