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Khan under fire as complaints to TfL dramatically rise

The number of complaints submitted to Transport for London has increased dramatically under Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty, new figures have revealed.

Statistics obtained by London Assembly Member Keith Prince show that the overall number of complaints to TfL jumped by nearly 20 percent, from 92,744 in October 2016 – September 2017 to over 110,000 over the same period two years later.

The number of complaints concerning service performance saw the biggest rise, increasing by 62 percent over the period to 25,667, while there was a 20 percent surge in complaints about TfL staff.

Assembly Member Prince said the upward trend should come as “no surprise” considering the cancelled upgrades and increased overcrowding which has come about as a result of Khan’s “catastrophic” mismanagement of the TfL finances.

Commenting on the numbers, Keith Prince AM said:

"All those millions of Londoners who are finding it increasingly difficult to get to and from work every day will hardly be shocked to see yet further evidence of our public transport system deteriorating under Sadiq Khan’s so-called leadership.

"Make no mistake, these unacceptable figures are a reflection on how the Mayor’s catastrophic mismanagement of the TfL finances is continuing to have a real and damaging impact on the quality of service on offer.

"Sadiq Khan’s misguided financial decisions have blown a massive black hole in the TfL finances, which has led to cancelled infrastructure upgrades and a huge surge in overcrowding across the network. Against this backdrop, it is no surprise that Londoners are increasingly being left with no option but to complain to TfL."


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