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Labour slammed for rejecting Taipei twinning

Labour have been slammed today for voting down City Hall Tories’ call for Taipei to be twinned with London after a three-fold increase in hate crimes in the capital. London-wide Assembly Member Andrew Boff tabled a motion today calling for the Mayor to “invite Taipei to be a sister city with London”. It was rejected by the Assembly after Labour voted against strengthening London’s ties with Chinese people.

Mr Boff told the Assembly that strong words alone wouldn’t stop hate and action was needed. He argued that by twinning London with Taipei, City Hall could send a powerful message to the city’s vibrant Chinese community.

Andrew Boff AM, Deputy Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: “At a time when hate crimes are soaring in London, Labour’s rejection of this declaration of friendship with the Chinese people is a big mistake.

“Twinning London with Taipei would send a powerful message to our city’s Chinese community which words alone cannot replace. Labour talk big about London being open, but they aren’t prepared to put their words into action.

“Taipei should be a sister city of London. As hate crime soars and tensions rise, twinning the two cities would strengthen our ties with the Chinese people.”


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