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Mayor blocks £104 million fund to fight violent crime

Sadiq Khan today rejected a plan to spend over £100 million on tackling violent crime in London.

As part of the Mayor’s budget process, the GLA Conservatives produced a fully costed plan which would have seen £104 million spent on a brand new Violent Crime Emergency Fund. This investment would be paid for by reversing Sadiq Khan’s decision to spend millions more on staff, bureaucracy and extortionate TfL perks.

Susan Hall AM said:

“With crime going through the roof, Londoners will be appalled to learn that Sadiq Khan has entirely rejected a fully-costed plan to spend an additional £104 million on keeping our city safe. There can now be no doubt that this complacent Mayor is both unable and unwilling to get to grips with our city’s terrible crime epidemic.

“Politics is all about choices, and Sadiq Khan has consistently and shamelessly chosen to spend millions on City Hall waste, press officers and extortionate TfL perks at the expense of making London safe. Time and time again the Mayor has demonstrated how he has completely the wrong priorities for London, and his refusal to spend more money on tackling crime is just the latest example of this wrongheaded approach."


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