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Mayor’s £70m regeneration scheme only created 109 jobs

According to a new report investigating Sadiq Khan's economic policies, the Mayor of London's Good Growth Fund has only created 109 jobs in nearly four years.

The report, Jumpstart: Supporting London’s Economic Recovery, uncovered new data which revealed the Good Growth Fund has only delivered 1.8 per cent of the 6,000 jobs Sadiq Khan promised since its launch in June 2017. The scheme is the Mayor's biggest regeneration fund with a whopping £70 million budget.

The report's author, London-wide Assembly Member Shaun Bailey, said his findings showed the Mayor's economic policies were "ineffective,unknown and damaging". His report called for City Hall job creation schemes to be reviewed and fast-tracked to aid London's recovery.

He also called for the Mayor to urgently publish an economic recovery strategy, including a plan to tackle youth unemployment, and consider travel incentives to encourage people to return to the city when safe to do so.

Shaun Bailey AM, GLA Conservative Economy Spokesman, commented: "In the face of the biggest economic crisis in London's history, Sadiq Khan has gone missing. He has no recovery plan. His job schemes aren't delivering. And his transport policies are suffocating our city's struggling economy.

"With the most vulnerable Londoners vaccinated, City Hall is woefully unprepared to help our city recover as it reopens. London can't afford Sadiq Khan's ineffective, unknown and damaging economic policies.

"Londoners need a Mayor with a recovery plan that will deliver new jobs, get our city moving and help young people to get work. London's Mayor has the tools, resources and powers to do it, but Khan's proven he's not up to the job.

"We need to fast-track job creation schemes. Build more homes now, not later. And get people moving safely around our city. That's what Londoners want to see City Hall doing."


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