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Khan breaks promise to build 10,000 on TfL land

New figures have revealed that Sadiq Khan has only started building 1,400 homes on Transport for London land since 2016, despite promising 10,000 housing starts by 2020. In 2016, Sadiq Khan pledged to build 10,000 affordable homes on TfL land by 2020. But after four years, the Mayor has only started building 14% of his target, breaking his housing promise to Londoners.

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented:“Londoners will be disappointed that Sadiq Khan has broken his promise to start building 10,000 homes on TfL land by 2020. This is yet another example of Khan failing to deliver on his press releases.

“London needs housebuilding to be a sprint, not a marathon. The longer the Mayor fails to start homes on TfL land, the later they will be completed and ready for Londoners to move into. As many Londoners struggle to get onto the housing ladder, it’s unacceptable that Khan has only managed to start 14 percent of the homes he promised.  

“To make matters worse, Khan is now attempting to force through disastrous proposals to build over TfL station car parks to make up for lost time. Instead of panic building large developments which residents oppose, Khan must work with communities to develop the type of housing proposals Londoners desperately want and need.”


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