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Sadiq Khan has only built 16,744 homes in four years

New figures have revealed that Sadiq Khan has completed less than a third of the homes he's started building since 2016.

In the four years up to April 2020, only 16,744 affordable homes have been completed, less a than a third of the 51,771 homes City Hall has started building in that period.

The Mayor received £4.82 billion to start building 116,000 affordable homes by 2022. The deadline has been delayed to 2023 due to coronavirus and Sadiq Khan has refused to set new annual targets to show how he'll start building enough homes in time. To meet the deadline Sadiq Khan n0w needs to start 57,040 more homes in just over two years. That's more housing starts than Khan has managed to do in the past four years making it unlikely that he will meet the target.

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented: "After four years and a £4.82 billion government grant, Sadiq Khan has only built 16,744 affordable homes. That's nearly 100,000 fewer homes than Khan has the money to built.

"The Mayor needs to change approach and treat housebuilding as a sprint, not a marathon. The more homes he starts now, the sooner they will be completed and ready for Londoners to move in. "By scrapping his no net loss policy of Strategic Industrial Land, which in effect is stopping housebuilding on large swathes of brownfield land, Khan could speed up housebuilding."


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