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Sadiq Khan's 7 BIGGEST Broken Promises

Politicians should keep their promises. Sadly, Londoners have been let down by Sadiq Khan who has failed to deliver on his promises. Here are the Mayor's 7 BIGGEST broken promises.

1) Keep crime low: Khan made it a key plank of his manifesto to keep London safe and secure. Yet, on his watch, knife crime is up 41%, theft from person 56% and robbery 73%. 2) Annual target of 80k homes: On his campaign website, Sadiq Khan pledged to help housing associations to build 80k homes. Yet instead housebuilding in London has flatlined, while in other UK cities housebuilding has increased. Khan is also very unlikely to hit his affordable housing targets despite having £4.8bn handed to him from the Conservative government. 3) Four years fares freeze: Sadiq  Khan  had  said in his campaign that  Londoners  "won’t  pay  a  penny  more  for  their  travel  in  2020  than  they  do  today". But his partial fares freeze only applies to pay as you go fares, which mostly benefits tourists. All 4.5m London commuters have seen a fares hike. 4) The end of strike action: Sadiq Khan promised that there would be "zero strikes" under his mayoralty. Since the election there have been 22 strikes in the Capital, which gives Sadiq Khan the worse strikes record of any mayor. 5) Reduction in bus fares: On his campaign website, Sadiq Khan promised to cut bus fares by 10% and then freeze for the remainder of his term. But there has never been a cut in bus fares, and Khan has no plans to do so in his last City Hall budget.

6) Tree planting: During the mayoral election campaign Khan promised to plant 2m new trees throughout London. Instead, his own Deputy Mayor admitted very early on in the term that Khan would only increase tree coverage by 5% (420,000). This is over 1.5m short of his original pledge.

7) Keep council tax low: Khan pledged in his manifesto to keep council tax as low as possible and said before the election "I don't intend to raise taxes". Yet that is exactly what has happened in every year of Khan mayoralty. At the same time, he has increased his own bureaucracy and waste by £83m.


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