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Sadiq Khan’s London Plan delay slowed housebuilding

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented: “Sadiq Khan has slowed housebuilding in London by wasting nearly three years on his damaging London Plan. The Mayor’s initial plan was not fit for purpose and it took unprecedented interventions from the Planning Inspectors and the Secretary of State to fix it.

“If the Secretary of State had not stepped in, Khan’s plan would have failed to deliver family homes and endangered the green belt by preventing housebuilding on large swathes of brownfield land. By pursuing his damaging proposals for so long and failing to accept changes until now, the Mayor has wasted precious time in London’s race to get building. “Now the Mayor’s imperfect London Plan has been implemented, Khan must ensure it delivers the homes that Londoners desperately need. To do so, he must review London’s housing needs post-coronavirus to ensure we are building not just more homes, but the right ones.”


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