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Shaun Bailey AM condemns Prof Chris Whitty harassment

Shaun Bailey AM, GLA Conservative Police & Crime Spokesman, commented: "Harassing a public servant on the street is utterly appalling behaviour. Whilst the video doesn’t appear to be violent, it’s clear the individuals involved manhandled Professor Chris Whitty to get him on camera against his will.

“It’s surprising that officers have only spoken to those involved and no further action has been taken. This is not the first time Professor Chris Whitty has been harassed and abused in public. It’s important the police take a zero-tolerance approach to keep public servants safe.

“This incident will add to the growing concern that the police are just standing back when it comes to abuse and harassment on our streets. Sadly, that’s what happened to BBC journalist Nicholas Watt who was chased by protesters in front of a line of officers and during recent protests which saw anti-Semitic abuse go unstopped.”


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