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Susan Hall AM: Sadiq Khan’s scrappage scheme investment is too little, too late

Sadiq Khan's last-minute investment in Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scrappage schemes today is "too little, too late", according to City Hall Tories' Leader Susan Hall AM.

The Mayor's small investment will only bolster one of Transport for London's (TfL) scrappage schemes for cars and motorcycles, which was running low on funds. However, two of TfL's schemes which offer grants to scrap heavy vehicles, minibuses, and vans are still suspended, leaving small businesses and charities with no support.

City Hall Tories have been calling for the Mayor to invest £50 million in ULEZ scrappage schemes to help Londoners switch to cleaner vehicles ahead of the charge's expansion in October. Using City Hall's bloated Business Rates Reserve, the Mayor could reopen TfL's two suspended schemes and help scrap more than 7,000 vans, minibuses and heavy goods vehicles. It could also expand TfL's scheme for low-income and disabled Londoners.

Susan Hall AM, Leader of the GLA Conservatives, commented: "Today's announcement is welcome, but unfortunately it's too little, too late for many Londoners. ULEZ expansion is just over three months away, and two of TfL's scrappage schemes for small businesses and charities remain closed. Sadiq Khan's failure to reopen these schemes means thousands of dirty vehicles are still on London's roads.

"Everyone is committed to cleaning up London's air, but many struggling Londoners and businesses cannot afford to replace their older vehicles without help. Our plan would offer £50 million in new grants to help Londoners, small businesses and charities switch to greener alternatives. The Mayor's last-minute investment simply isn't enough.

"ULEZ expansion will hit the poorest in London and the smallest of businesses. Unless the Mayor adopts our plan to invest £50 million in ULEZ scrappage schemes, he will leave many people across our city with no lifeline."


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