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TfL fares rise inevitable after Khan’s mismanagement

Keith Prince AM, GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, commented: "After years of mismanagement, Khan's fares rise was inevitable. The Mayor has lost billions of pounds by failing to deliver Crossrail, freezing fares and turning a blind eye to waste at TfL. After failing to get a grip of TfL's finances, Khan has hit Londoners with a triple whammy by putting up their council tax, TfL fares and the Congestion Charge.

"Sadiq Khan's attempt to blame the Government for TfL's fares rise is ridiculous. The Mayor announced his plan to increase fares in TfL's business plan in 2019, before the coronavirus crisis and bailout agreements. Instead of playing the blame game, Khan needs to take responsibility for his decisions.

"Coronavirus is not the sole reason for TfL's money woes. We need a Mayor who will restore order to TfL's finances and get London's transport network back on track. Londoners can't afford to pay for any more of Sadiq Khan's mistakes."


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