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What you missed from Mayor's Question Time

Sadiq Khan faced the London Assembly this week to answer questions on his appallingly short Congestion Charge consultation, his divisive plan to remove landmarks in London, and City Hall's latest budget crisis. In case you missed this week's Mayor's Question Time, here are the important points.

1) Tony Devenish slammed Khan for TfL's appallingly short Congestion Charge consultation 🤐

Sadiq Khan has been accused of sneaking out a very short consultation on his plan to hike up the Congestion Charge which gave Londoners only days to have their say. The Mayor refused to answer Tony Devenish's questions about who instructed Transport for London to have such a short consultation for such a major change.

2) Khan admits statues may be removed from London ‼️

The Mayor confirmed that his divisive review of London's landmarks may remove statues, but "none of this has been worked out". After questioning from Andrew Boff, it's clear that Sadiq Khan's virtue signalling announcement hasn't been thought through.

3) Khan told to cut waste to fix City Hall's finances 🏛

Sadiq Khan needs to cut the millions extra he has spent on TfL perks and City Hall waste to protect London’s police and fire services as the Greater London Authority faces a considerable loss of income due to the coronavirus crisis. Susan Hall questioned Khan's figures and called for him to look at his wasteful spending decisions to find savings. In response, Sadiq Khan expertly demonstrated why he is unfit to be Mayor of London. We wonder if he tells all his female colleagues that he will only work with them if they are "sensible"? 🤔

4) Sadiq Khan has "short-changed" Croydon and Sutton  ⚠️

After the government called for the country's Mayors to submit infrastructure projects which are shovel-ready, Steve O'Connell AM raised his fears that Croydon and Sutton will be short-changed by Sadiq Khan again.

The Mayor's incompetent management of TfL's finances has seen 22 major transport upgrades delayed or cancelled across London, but Croydon and Sutton have been particularly neglected by the Mayor. Worth watching the Mayor's arrogant response.

5) Shaun Bailey AM caught Sadiq Khan lying about his plan to hike up Tube fares 🚇

Shaun Bailey exposed Sadiq Khan's Tube fare lie during Mayor's Question Time. The Mayor is attempting to hide the consequences of his incompetent handling of Transport for London's finances behind the government's bailout terms. The Mayor already planned to increase TfL fares by 1% plus RPI from January 2021 before the coronavirus crisis. Yet, Sadiq Khan has blamed the government's bailout of TfL for his planned fare increase next year. The fare increase was included in TfL's Business Plan last December, and the Mayor announced his decision to hike up fares in March 2020. Khan wasn't happy when Bailey confronted him. 


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