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Thomas Turrell AM

Bexley & Bromley

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About Thomas

Thomas lives in Shortlands, Bromley, with his wife Gemma and their two cats. His dad was raised in Belvedere, where generations of the family have lived.

He has been a London renter for over a decade and has worked in the financial services sector for close to ten years. Most recently Thomas worked in sustainable investing.

Thomas has always played an active role in the community, as a School Governor, NHS Foundation Trust Governor and as a trustee of a number of charities, including Vice-Chair and Treasurer of a national charity with a multi-million-pound budget. Before entering politics, Thomas was a transport campaigner, successfully campaigning for more capacity on crowded bus routes, including by securing a whole new route. He also founded a local Rail Users Group.

Since 2022 he has served on Bromley Council, representing Hayes and Coney Hall ward. He has campaigned on a number of issues such as:

  • re-opening local police bases;

  • securing additional resource for neighbourhood police teams to tackle speeding;

  • funding for improvements to shopping parades;

  • barriers at Hayes station;

  • against the loss of Cannon Street services.

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Group Responsibilities

  • Economy Spokesman

Contact Information

London Assembly Responsibilities

  • Member of the Fire Committee
    Member of the Transport Committee
    Member of the Environment Committee

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