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London says NO to Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion
Sign the petition to stop the London-wide ULEZ

We say NO to the London Wide ULEZ expansion.

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan announced on Friday 25 November that he would be going ahead with his disastrous expansion of his Ultra Low Emission Zone to the whole of London. This means a £12.50 daily cost of living charge for any vehicle driven in London that doesn’t meet the ULEZ standard.


Sadiq Khan plans to go ahead with his London-wide ULEZ expansion despite an

overwhelming majority of London voting against it in the official consultation:

60% of responses opposed

70% of Outer London opposed

75% of London’s visitors opposed

80% of Outer London businesses opposed

80% of Outer London employees opposed

90% of London’s black cab drivers opposed


Sadiq Khan must U-Turn on the ULEZ expansion.

The Mayor of London has put aside nearly £400 million to clear up air pollution in outer London, but he’s chosen to spend most of it on a vast camera network to penalise people with older cars, instead of actually tackling the problem.


Sign the petition, make him think again.


Sadiq Khan must U-Turn on the ULEZ expansion.


Currently, the ULEZ charge covers everything inside the North and South Circulars. When the London Mayor's plan goes ahead, it will cover all of Greater London.


We must improve London’s air quality, but Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion will only have a negligible effect.

There are better ways to clean up the air that don’t punish Londoners during a cost of living crisis. 


Sign our petition and send the Mayor a message by telling him he must U-Turn on his expansion plans by saying “No!” to London-wide ULEZ expansion.

We the undersigned, call on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to U-TURN on his plans to expand the ULEZ to the whole of Greater London.

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